Clarity and passion. What a wonderful combination. Would that “our Republican Senators” were following this blog and reading Irit’s post. But even if we aren’t reaching the Senate, we can make our views known to our local General Services Administration Regional Media Contacts, by getting in touch with them to say that we want the GSA to release transition funds to president-elect Biden for the purpose of a smooth transfer of power. Thank you, Jan Simon, for sharing this grassroots effort with us.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s children removed from school after COVID-19 complaints—Yahoo! News

Federal judge rules acting DHS head Chad Wolf unlawfully appointed, invalidates DACA suspension—NBC News

‘It’s Traumatizing’: Coronavirus Deaths Are Climbing Once Again—The New York Times

November 14, 2020

To our Republican Senators
by Irit Umani, Austin, Texas

What a fantastic opportunity you have, and seem to be missing, to reshape the party, to reclaim who you are in your hearts, to disconnect from the aberration that is Trump and Trumpism.

Please, for your sake and ours, don’t miss this opportunity.

What, for God’s sake, is he representing that you are so attached to? The pathological lies? the lack of care for anyone but self? the disregard of our sacred Constitution? the embrace of fascist tendencies? the inability to meet the challenges of the pandemic rather than play golf? What are you so attached to keeping, even if it threatens the nation’s Constitution and the peaceful transfer of the presidency?

The coming government, led by Democrats, is not half the threat of what we all witness in the behavior of Trump. Never was. This, our beloved country, has been led by both parties and the world went—and will continue to go—round and round. There is no threat whatsoever to America with Biden at the helm. And you know this to be true. But there is a threat, a major one, to the land of the free and the brave if you continue to be complicit and remain silent in the face of Trump’s refusal to concede defeat.

As senators who swore an oath to the Constitution and what it stands for, who recite your belief in liberty and justice for ALL, how can you so cowardly and criminally stand silent in the face of what you and we are witnessing now?

Why don’t you organize with all the power that you have to recalibrate and do all that you can, with all the faith you have in the almighty God and in this United State of America that he, Trump and Trumpism, will never ever have the chance to represent you again? I am a Democrat, a proud one, and still I know you, Republican senators, to be better than this.

Please overcome whatever fear you have of this man, or fear for your post in power, or whatever in the world is driving your silence and lack of any semblance of courage. Please lead, please take back the reins, please follow the oath you gave to we, the people. Please follow the call of love, and faith, and truth. What else were you placed on earth (and in the Senate) for?



  1. I have not mastered entry into the realm of WordPress, but I have been reading these posts and wanting to comment. One day I almost wrote one, but hesitated due to my technical disability. I will try WordPress again— after I master on-line grocery ordering. A sentence I never imagined I would be writing. Be well

    Jude Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Yes! Exactly! What are they so attached to? As I read another column this morning about how Lincoln reimagined the Republican Party in 1860 to give votes to the working class and slaves precisely because THEY would be the ones, given their freedom to invent and innovate, to grow our nation. How far the Republicans have strayed from that notion! So I wonder: is there no way for Republican Senators who want to work with Democrats and bring legislation to a vote, is there no way to circumvent or over ride Mitch McConnell’s chokehold on the Senate?

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