Ruth Neuwald Falcon is the reason I was able to finish my book.

With me alone, the unpolished book festered and nagged in my consciousness, never to see the light of day. In Ruth, I found someone who could understand and help me to find language that would accurately convey the meaning of what I was trying to say.

And, did I mention, we had fun along the way.

Sandy Sabersky, Elderwise founder & co-author,
The Elderwise Way: A Different Approach to Life with Dementia

Ruth Neuwald Falcon is a superb editor with an eye for the truth.

Jeannette Franks, PhD, gerontologist & author,
Intentional Aging

Ruth is a brilliant editor and storyteller. Her experience shows in her facility with story and editing techniques. She can look at a sequence and immediately fix or suggest editing that is not at all obvious but that makes a huge difference when her suggestion is followed. She is easy and a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend Ruth without reservation. 

Patricia Boiko,
Documentary Producer/Director

Ruth was wonderful to work with. Very creative and supportive of the overall concept of the project. The thing about movie editing is that there are skills that can be transferred to many other media and fields of endeavor. I highly recommend Ruth. She is a delight.

Mickey Lemle,
Film Producer/Director

I have always considered myself most fortunate that my first independent film was created in partnership with Ruth. I have rarely met someone with her talent, capabilities, and understanding of structure.

Ken Rosenberg,
Psychiatrist &
Documentary Filmmaker

A respectful and talented editorial consultant, I highly recommend Ruth to anyone working with material that deeply matters to them. I worked with her to create a documentary that had great personal meaning to me. Her sensitivity to the essence of what needed to be communicated was matched by her organizational skill and wonderful sense of pacing.

Andrea Cohen,
Author & Compassionate Listening Facilitator

Let’s create something together.

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