I am so grateful for Roger and all those others who have been able to meet this moment with their words. I’m still looking for a way into my own.  

Trump Fires Head of U.S. Cybersecurity for Telling Truth About Election—New York Magazine Intelligencer

Lindsey Graham said he talked to multiple secretaries of state about voter fraud. They say that’s not true.—The Week

Republicans Congratulate Kamala Harris On Senate Floor For Unnamed Reason—HuffPost

November 17, 2020

Post-election rant
by Roger Delmar, Port Townsend, Washington

I, like so many of you, felt such deep relief as it became clear that Joe Biden had been elected as our next President. These years under Donald Trump have been excruciatingly painful. Biden’s popular vote margin is now nearing 6 million and it is a true joy to hear voices speaking in coherent, purposeful, inclusive, and compassionate language as he and Kamala lay out their hopes and plans for their move into the White House.

But I need a brief rant, if you will allow me.

What irks me to no end and is beyond my complete comprehension is that over 71 million of my fellow Americans still lie under the spell of Donald Trump. They truly thought this self-absorbed despot deserved another four years. I do not blame most of them. But I do blame the corporate moguls and greed-soaked billionaires who financed the GOP campaign ads. They think more of raking in more personal wealth from Trump’s actions than they do of justice, ethics, democratic principles, and the long-term welfare of our democracy.

And even more than them, I hold Fox News accountable. It is this propaganda machine that has spread the lies and inoculated so many with a deadly serum. Trumpism has all the earmarks of a true cult. For many, the only source of ‘truth’ has been Fox News and Donald Trump. All else is ‘fake news.’

And going even deeper, most of all I hold to account the spinelessness and hypocrisy of Congressional Republicans. Most of them know better! And yet they remain silent and continue to enable this would-be dictator of a President. They apparently think far more of holding onto their privilege and power than they do of the Constitution, truth, justice, fairness, and downright decency. Most of them seem to be slaves of ‘Group Think.’ They have lost the capacity to think and act independently. And now, led by Mitch McConnell, they will not come out openly and condemn Donald Trump’s actions and demand a concession and acknowledgement that Joe Biden has been resoundingly elected.

I wish they could be tarred and feathered and ridden out of Washington, D.C., on a rail. Better yet, put them in stocks, on display. Their silence is cowardly and traitorous.


  1. Thank you, Roger!
    In response to the ideas expressed in your writing….yes, yes, yes, and yes!
    My fervent hope is that President Biden can be a catalyst to shift the Trump cult mentality that has so many Americans in its grip. To better days ahead…

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  2. Well said, Roger! I agree 1000%!
    It has been infuriating to watch some of these Republican cowards take baby steps almost daily toward condemning Trump’s refusal to concede. This cowardice should be remembered when they run again.

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  3. Roger…thank you for posting this message. I share your gratitude for President-elect Joe Biden and I also share your rant! I was hoping for pure pleasure with the outcome of this election, but of course, that was a fool’s dream at this time!

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