Not only am I here in my new apartment in my new city in my old (very old) part of the country, but my furniture and boxes arrived yesterday, just two days after Amy and I got here. Monday, the in-between day, I hit something of a wall. Transitions are hard. Monday was my day of, What am I doing here? Have I made a terrible mistake? I am so tired, how would I know if I’m making a mistake or not? You get the idea.

But then, as promised, the movers showed up early Tuesday morning and I got, once again, to welcome my stuff into our new home. There are many boxes (many boxes) left to unpack but, as far as I can tell, everything arrived intact. I had design help from a friend who is an architect, Amy jumped right in and started unpacking the kitchen, and the moving guys were awesome.

We essentially gave ourselves the day off from opening boxes today and, instead, found three drop-dead gorgeous nature spots, all within fifteen minutes (fifteen minutes!) of my apartment.

Tomorrow, I get a shot in the eye, as I do every month. What’s the saying? After enlightenment, the laundry. Not exactly the same, but, once again, you get the idea.


  1. Transitions ARE hard yet unavoidable. You have landed in a beautiful place and I’m so happy for you. Sending blessings and love to you as you settle into your new home. 💕

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  2. Looks like you chose your new home well, Ruth! Gorgeous area.
    Glad parts of this move seem easier than the previous one.

    Mazel tov! & great way to start the new year!

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  3. Hi Ruth, So happy to hear from you. I have been enjoying your description of arrival at your new home and appreciate your transparency of wondering if you made the right decision. I think you have but more on that later.

    You look very happy in the photos and more relaxed. I am amazed the movers arrived on time, given the issues with the move to Minneapolis. Love that you honored the movers and took a photo with them.

    Kudos to Amy for being a great travel and unpacking companion. Good friends are invaluable.

    I think this was the right decision. You are among old friends, access to the creative energies and opportunities the region offers and the area is stunningly beautiful. And with technology you can be easily be in touch with your son and grandchildren and the rest of us. Who, by the way, are grateful you are keeping us connected.

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  4. Dear Ruth, what a beautiful and very-good-sounding place you have landed yourself. I’m glad to read that you had Amy’s excellent company on this leg of your journey, and smile to read comments from your friends. Good hearts abounding.

    I think of you often, especially around any Jewish holiday, and am sending you love and warm wishes for a healthy, very happy, activated and meaningful new year. (& in case you might be interested in checking out a spiritual community “based in NYC, reaching the world” — I’ve been loving learning and connecting with a wonderful multi-ethnic, every-gen “artist-driven, everybody-friendly, god-optional, pop-up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings” called Lab/shul that I think you would enjoy )

    With love and appreciation, Christy (and Robert sends his love too!)

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