Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, Washington

I surely do appreciate this blog and I shall try to let you and other bloggers know how I have been affected by these pandemic and political times. In 83 years of my life, I have never been so negatively touched by daily life as I have been in the past 2-½ years since the pandemic began. I reside in a senior building which requires masking for all the time that I am outside of my apartment with the exception of the resident dining rooms while we are eating. In general, I am most pleased with the way that we are being kept as safe as possible.

I have the reputation of being a very positive person and comments on Facebook tell me that others who know me still see me that way. I know that I have lost a great deal of my positive attitude to fear about the possibility of becoming ill and also many fears about our current political situation which seems to continue worsening. I shall use the power of my vote and pray that many, many others of similar political position to me do the same!

May we all find some peaceful and less anxious times and continue to stay in touch!

Irit Umani, Austin, Texas

What can one say about the state of affairs that comes even close to adequate?

I am responding to you from a line outside the Social Security office in Austin…for the third time, just to complete the required paperwork so that I can retire at the end of the month. 3rd time, the line is outside, 2-3 hours, no shade, no water, 105 degrees. Texas for you. Just a snapshot of a broken system.

Personally, I am about to escape to the high mountains of northern New Mexico, where, for a while, I will be able to pretend that the world is better than it actually is.

How does a person whose whole life has been dedicated to social justice and social services end up being so deeply concerned with what she is leaving for her grandchildren to face and deal with?

Maybe up in the mountains I will, once again, hear that a better world is whispering.

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