Vivian W, Medford, Oregon

This is nice of you to do, Ruth. I think we’re all better off when we feel some measure of community, communication, and just downright pleasantries in the midst of all of this chaos in our world.

I, personally, I have been coping with a lot of grief these last few months, but I have also been buoyed by the fact that I know my man and my dog are never that far away, and I keep getting proof of that all the time. So, I try and live my life as gently as possible, taking as good of care of myself as I can, and when I can, those around me.

I fear for this world, climate change especially, government problems coming in a close second. But, I wish I had more control over it all; and realizing that I don’t, I am trying to make the best of these days, whatever I have of them that are left, to plan some safe travel, address my body and my mind the best way I can, and stay in touch with people that I care about and who I believe care about me.

I mask up now in large stores, and some restaurants, and the movies. I have been one of the lucky ones so far… I have never had Covid. I’m hoping to keep going with that luck. But I have seen and dropped food off to, and heard all of the consequences of getting, Covid so I will do whatever I can to keep it going in my favor.

Otherwise, I stay mostly away from the news, turn on my air conditioner, water my garden, water myself, and think as pleasant thoughts as I can. I volunteer, so I spend time being of service. I play tennis and pickle ball, so I try and keep myself in relatively good shape. I try and sleep.

Marilyn Overton

I continue to feel the challenges of everyday decisions involving activities that used to be “normal” and “natural.” Now that the mask mandates are lifted, it’s even more of a consideration as to what feels somewhat safe, and what doesn’t.

At the same time, I’m extremely grateful for caring people who contribute to the welfare of all. I hold on to hope for better times when hugging friends and family is free from reticence.

Love and best wishes to everyone.

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