Rebecca wrote this post before Rand Paul pushed a vote in the Senate today. Forty-five Republican Senators voted that they believe the upcoming impeachment trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer in office. They did it 45 minutes after taking the oath to swear they will be impartial at the trial. More karma coming their way.

Nearly all GOP senators vote against impeachment trial for Trump, signaling likely acquittal—WaPo

Trump Judge Issues Bizarre, Unenforceable Injunction Against Biden’s Deportation Pause—Slate

Are two masks better than one? Double masking ‘just makes common sense’ to help prevent COVID-19 spread, Fauci says—USA Today

January 26, 2021

by Rebecca Crichton, Seattle, Washington

I identify as an odd faith category referred to as Jew-Bu’s—Jewish in background and identity, yet drawn to Buddhist concepts and practices. I find the blend compatible.

I value the ideas of having compassion for others and offering forgiveness for acts that cause pain. But the past four years have presented problems. I think of all the things that I would want visited upon the perpetrators at the highest levels of our government. And it turns out I am actually not that good at thinking of forms of torture and suffering. Not compared to some of my friends whose punishments might seem benign to Torquemada.

Like many others, I forwarded the jokes and videos and passed around the memes that have proliferated everywhere. I have relished the smart and funny way people satirized what was going on.

But to be honest, it doesn’t feel that good to think of the worst things that I could do to wreak retribution for all the terrible things that have stalked us for the past 5 years. I want to go Cold Turkey on the practice and curtail my knee-jerk desire to see one more sketch, one more funny joke about ‘Hay Head’ —a name I just heard the other day.

I’m thinking about Karma. Or at least a simple version of it. The one where what you sow, you reap. I decided I would offer a kind of Karmic prayer for those who have left and are leaving public office, and some of those who are still there:

May the actions done to others be done unto them.
May all the dishonesty and greed they have shown be rained on them.
May the suffering and loss they caused others, be felt by them.  
May their Karmic debt happen soon and for the rest of their lives.

I feel better about not using my creative juices imagining how to make them all suffer. Instead, I would like to join our new leaders in going forward and changing what we can for the better.

I acknowledge that it is harder to have hope than to stay angry, fearful and cynical. But I am willing to give it my best effort.


  1. Enjoyed your post Rebecca. You are correct, “it is harder to have hope than to stay angry”. Having learned a new category of torture being used on Twitter, “Cancel Culture”, it only seems quite fair to plunk this down on all the Senate Republicans! Unfortunately, I could live with that. Guess I need to re-read your blog a few more times. Thank you for reminding us about our gentle new president, Joe Biden, who has not waivered in his call for unity within and outside of our party. Looking forward to seeing his EO’s taking hold.
    Jan Moser

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  2. To Rebecca’s prayer “May their Karmic debt happen soon and for the rest of their lives,” I would like to add “and may I live to see it”!

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  3. Dear Rebecca…I am glad you stated: “I acknowledge that it is harder to have hope than to stay angry, fearful and cynical. But I am willing to give it my best effort.” I, too, want to have hope and realize that is not the easiest goal, but as you say, very much worth it!

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