A sign of the times: the word “comical” in the title of a blog post.

Why Vaccines Alone Will Not End the Pandemic—The New York Times

After Capitol riot, police chiefs work to root out officers with ties to extremist groups—WaPo

Mexican president Lopez Obrador tests positive for COVID-19—Reuters

January 24, 2021

A comical confession
by Eileen Masover, Portland, Oregon

I am all in for getting my COVID vaccination(s) as soon as I can. It will save lives. In Oregon and my age group, it currently looks like after March 1. The governor decided that teachers are ahead of us. So be it.

So here’s my comical confession. I am thoroughly afraid of needles, getting shots, or having blood drawn. As an adult, I’ve learned how to get through it, and I have this whole relaxation and breathing ritual that I do. 

This fear also translates to WATCHING shots being given or blood draws, etc. so what’s been all over the news for weeks? People being vaccinated, over and over again. Close-ups and in-my-face shots in the arm. And each one takes forever, so when I close my eyes and think I’ve waited long enough, yep, I open my eyes and it’s still in the damn arm. This is every news channel and every report. I know you’ve seen them too. 

I have some favorite TV medical shows that are quite graphic, and I’m always closing my eyes during the gory stuff. I watch because of the plot and characters, not the blood. 

So, bring on the vaccine! But I’ll be looking the other way.


  1. Eileen – Thank you for your comical confession! I have a feeling that you’re far from the only one! You might want to try wearing ear buds when you get your vaccine, & drown everything out with whatever music will help you get through it. Along with deep breathing before I am given any shot, I shake my arms out to help relax the muscles in my upper arm.

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  2. I was hoping that the over-exposure to photos of needles in the arms would possibly have helped to extinguish dear Eileen’s fear, but obviously that did not occur–yet! She is brave to make this confession and I do hope the time of these many needle pictures will pass ASAP.

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