I am so thankful for the connections that this blog has made between myself, the writers, and the readers. My intention when I began it was to create a forum for different voices and to nurture a supportive community. I am glad that I am able to give Sue—and others—a place to express themselves and am very grateful for her acknowledgment of this platform.

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‘Covid-hell.’ ‘Humanitarian disaster.’ Experts sound the alarm about U.S. coronavirus outbreak.—WaPo

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November 12, 2020

Could be, SHOULD be
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. There is much to be grateful for. Biden has won the election. A vaccine appears to show a 90% effectiveness rate. No more political ads, at least for a month or two (unless you’re in Georgia). Most importantly, in our circle, good health has prevailed. We have been able to get haircuts and dine outside. In Los Angeles, the fires are out and the air breathable and cool again. But most of us, out of respect for our beloved families and friends will not be having a large communal dinner. For some, I imagine that might be a relief. Aunt What’s-Her-Name won’t be asking when you will marry or have a baby and Uncle What’s-His-Name’s drunken rant will not take place in your presence, but for others, it is a huge loss. We will miss seeing one another and sharing in the traditions that are particular to each of our pods.

Yesterday, my nephew texted to ask if I was still feeling giddy with Biden’s win. My reply was, “Yes, and no.” It is heartwarming to know how many people voted, and that, in sending letters with Vote Forward, I and over 100,000 Americans helped that happen. I am delighted with how many chose Biden over Trump and gave him the win. However, a rather large number of people still think Trump is the man for the job, and that gives me pause. And now the barrage of lawsuits trying to forestall the inevitable. The repeated claims that Trump is the real winner and it was a tainted election (with no evidence to back it up) continues to be repeated by his followers. All of this has made 70% of Republicans stop believing that the election was free and fair.

Per an investigation by the New York Times, every state in the union has deemed their elections to have been properly conducted and monitored. All the legal experts have repeatedly said that the lawsuits lack merit. Thus far, almost all of them have been dismissed. The one that wasn’t would not make a difference in the election. Judging by the amount of fraud found in the past, the experts all agree that it is so infinitesimal that it would not change the outcome. And yet, his followers claim Biden stole the election. Death threats have been made against state election officials.

The only one I can see who is attempting to steal the election is Trump. From his early comments casting aspersions on mail-in ballots and the fake news, to his appointment of DeJoy to the post office, from his never-ending demand for personal loyalty, to all the unfounded lawsuits, he has put forth a disruptive agenda. All of this, when he could have been, SHOULD have been, working towards a more robust and appropriate response to the COVID-19 virus. And now, when he could be, SHOULD be, assisting with a smooth transition from one administration to the next, protecting this country as has been done since its inception, instead he continues to push towards dismantling our democracy.

I pray that by Thanksgiving the lawsuits will have been exhausted, sanity will reign and bring this election to its rightful closure. I will give thanks for the end of a tumultuous four years and thanks even to DJT because without him I would not have published my first book of poetry or written a dozen essays for Ruth’s blog. Writing has kept me sane amidst his destructive presidency and the worsening pandemic. He has lost and still claims victory in both the battles—against the virus and the election. I am praying that the country will soon move towards reconciliation, calm and healing.


  1. Thanks to you, Sue, for listing your Thanksgiving appreciations. I join you in your acknowledgement that you have truly focused on writing because of all the upset of these past years. Hopefully we will have a bit more calm and yet we will keep on creating poetry and prose! I look forward to reading your pieces.

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