Views from the very young and the much older.

Wash your hands!
by Kealy B, age 7, Kirkland, Washington

What coronavirus means to me is people have to be safe. I just turned 7! It made me sad that we had to cancel my birthday party. But I’m still going to be happy because I get to spend time with my family. I miss my friends and my teacher Ms. Ferries.  

Let’s come up  with 5 ways to help coronavirus: 1. Not touching other people, 2. Listening to parents, 3. Stay at home, 4. Play games and puzzles with my family, 5. Wash your hands!

Stay home!
by Macallen B, age 9, Kirkland, WA

The impact of coronavirus has changed a lot of things for me and for a ton of other people. That is happening because people are losing their lives but it only affects kids in one way. That way is how our relatives can possibly die to coronavirus and that is pretty scary for us as kids not understanding as much about corona virus as adults.

People are going out and about and passing people and if they don’t think they’re sick they could pass it on, and the cycle just goes on and on and on until they pass it to someone who is older and they could . That is not good for the other people in their family because they will be sad.

It’s also sad because people are losing their jobs to coronavirus and that’s not good because if they lose their job, they won’t get paid and that is terrifying for the person that lost their job and all the people who lose their jobs. I say the solution is for all of us to donate towards helping with coronavirus needs and medical supplies and all that type of stuff. That is my idea of how coronavirus is affecting the whole entire world. Oh ya and stay home!

Celebrating Passover while quarantined
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, WA

Well, tomorrow night is the first night of Passover and Don and I plan to celebrate it—just the two of us—at the little round table in our senior residence apartment. I hadn’t planned the seder plate ahead of time when giving my shopping list to our wonderful building staff, so I am being as creative as possible with the supplies I already possess.

I DO have bitter herbs (horseradish) in the refrigerator and this morning I was able to get some lovely apples to make haroset. To do that, I shall use the walnuts I do have, along with apple juice (instead of wine), cinnamon, and if needed, some honey (all of which are in my kitchen already). Fortunately, I have a small blender to chop the apples!

On my seder plate, I can place a bit of lettuce, the horse radish, and the haroset. Since I do not have an egg nor a lamb shank bone, I have drawn those on paper and will place the drawings in their space on the seder plate.

I have copies of the Hagaddah, and I will drink sips of champagne as my glasses of wine, and Don will have apple juice. I think this will make our first night of Passover very special! Sending Passover blessings to any of you who have taken the time to read through this whole message. If you celebrate Easter, special blessings to you, too!

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