Giving our days some structure can be, as Ellin shares, helpful to navigating this strange journey of isolation and limitation of movement.

A kind of daily schedule
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, WA

I seem to be resisting writing about my feelings and my actions during this very strange Coronavirus time, but each day, I open a fresh “page” in my computer journal, sit and think of what I want to write, and then just give up! So today, I decided to put my fingers on the keys and let whatever comes out to be set down here.

It is Sunday morning, and in another hour, we will be watching a spiritual service being screened from our Unity congregation. Just yesterday, my husband, Don, said that we need to do something different to delineate the days of the week. Sunday is an easy one, thanks to that service. Tomorrow, thank goodness, our senior facility now allows the housekeepers to refresh our apartment wearing gloves and masks. So Monday will be marked in a special way.

I have been following a kind of daily schedule that I have worked out for myself. Today, just before 10:00 a.m., I have done my part in cleaning up the breakfast dishes, and will set up for lunch when the 11:00 Unity service is over. I will be getting dressed before that begins, as I do each day before 10:30 a.m. It helps me to keep on this sort of loose schedule, the rest of which I will not bore you with!

The most important thing for me each day is to keep in touch by computer with many family members and friends. I am more than grateful that I am able to do this, and I do worry about many of the seniors in our building who live alone and do not use the computer. I hope they stay in touch by phone, but I would find that very tiring as I am hard of hearing even with hearing aids, and straining (on some calls with bad reception) is very exhausting for me.

The sun is finally shining and I love looking out at the blue sky with the fluffy white clouds. We are allowed to go out for organized and supervised ½ hour walks five out of every seven days. Today is one of our “no walk days.” Oh well…

I think I have written as much as I wish to right now, and will end this piece. Perhaps more later.

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