I am very happy to share Laurie’s recovery. Also her passion for speaking out about the appalling failings of the federal administration in their responsibility to take care of the people of this country.

Update on my personal COVID-19 story
by Laurie Becker, Seattle, WA

My husband and I are both recovered. I was released from quarantine a few days ago, but went out to the store for the first time yesterday. This was my first time anywhere since March 11. I got to see for myself what I’ve only seen on social media — it’s a whole new world out there now. Thanks everyone for your good wishes and support. It’s been very meaningful and really helped us move forward.

Now that we have thankfully recovered, I feel compelled to call out the failings and negligence of this federal administration in dealing with this pandemic. As a Public Health professional for over 20 years, I was aware of what was happening since JANUARY!! This was not a surprise to anyone who was paying attention. Shame on this current administration. They have blood on their hands — and I do not say that lightly.

I hope you and your loved ones stay well. This is a nasty insidious disease and we all need to remain vigilant for quite awhile more.

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  1. Grateful you and your husband have recovered. Thanks for your comments on the failure of this current administration. Well said.


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