This too shall pass
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, CA

In a tree fifty feet from our deck, a pair of red tail hawks have set up housekeeping. These magnificent creatures have chosen this tree for the last six years. They build a nest together that is six feet deep and three feet wide bringing sticks and bark to pad it for the eggs, and to have room for the parent on sitting duty. The couple mates for life and typically returns to the same nest every year. We have watched each March as they refurbish the nest and take turns warming the eggs. In drought years in Southern California, they will only lay one egg.

Last year, after a strong rainy season, there were three! You would have thought we had won the lottery as we watched them grow and fledge. We cannot see the eggs, but once they hatch, we can see the little white fur balls waiting for a feeding. We are close enough to see their feathers turn to brown, and one year, we watched at just the right moment and saw one take his maiden voyage. Juxtaposed to the worldwide COVID-19, crisis it is a precious reminder of the cycle of all living things.

As we watch this microcosm of life, we are reminded that to be sequestered for a few weeks as the hawks are, can lead to new growth. But the crisis in health has prompted an equally dire crisis in our economy. Jobs have been lost, putting in jeopardy those who are at the bottom of the pay scale. There are telethons and drives to collect money, blood and food and at some point, the government will legislate some help. In the meantime, we must stay focused on impeccable self-care, doing good deeds, giving what we can, and remember that this too shall pass.

Photo by Sue Robin

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