Hunter and Graham live in Fairfax County, Virginia. Today, their state closed all the schools through the rest of the academic year.

Thoughts from Hunter, age 11

So, basically, the entire school system is shut down and it is right there in the top 10 best moments of my life! It is GREAT for an introvert like me! It’s a frickin’ 28 consecutive days without school, and I still get to talk to my friends by texting!

One downside is that we have CHORES. I shouldn’t be complaining, but here I go! Our chores aren’t tough, but they can be time-consuming. But taking out the trash is the WORST! My sensitive nose CAN’T TAKE that miserable concoction of poop, tortoise feed, and moldy, smushy, rotten food! JUST GIVE ME A BREAK!

Another con is that we do the same thing EVERY DAY. I’ve always hated the things that go, “First, do your morning chores, then eat breakfast, then have free-time, then go on a walk, then…” and on and on forever. I just want some freedom to do whatever whenever!

Though the matter at hand is terrifying to some kids, I’m not as scared because I’ve had the flu before, and boy was THAT great (not for Graham though. I saved his life ;))! (Note from the boys’ mom: Two years ago, Hunter was the one who told us that Graham’s breathing was strange. We ended up going to the ER (all 4 of us had the flu)— and they admitted him— his diagnosis was respiratory failure. It was so scary.)

I have a pretty nice immune system and so does my mom, so we both got the least of it. Basically,  I just watched TV the entire time without vomiting EVER! It was pretty great. So when I learned about the coronavirus more and thought back to my past, I was much less scared. But I still feel bad for all who lost their lives battling this disease. RIP.

Luckily, spring is rolling around and that could mean that the coronavirus could die down and stop affecting people (till the next flu season), and that’s terrific! But so far, I’m still sane (or at least how sane I normally am), so I wrote what I think about this quarantine. So long, from Hunter!

Graham & Hunter, Halloween 2019
Thoughts from Graham, age 8

I think it’s weird and it scares me a little bit. I’m happy and sad. I am happy because well… NO SCHOOL. But I’m sad because many people have suffered from the coronavirus and even more people could suffer from the coronavirus. The schools aren’t taking any risks so no school. Same with many other things ’cause its serious!!! Everyone is washing their hands all the time!

I have to say—Everyone who’s working at Target: CHANGE JOBS!!! Cause not much people will be coming to Target because people could have the coronavirus, so we or they don’t want to spread it. Also, if you wanted to have a play date or you had a play date planned, then it’s not gonna happen. For example: I was going to have a play date with my friend Fabio but instead, cause of the coronavirus, we didn’t.

So mainly what I’m telling you is that it’s… AWESOME and HORRIBLE!! The End! 🙂

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