I’ve spent most of my productive hours over the last couple of days working on my ‘real’ job as Associate Director of Northwest Center for Creative Aging. The end of the month is always my busiest time as I’m responsible for the production of the e-bulletin as well as keeping the website updated and working with the executive director on our focus and direction. It’s a small organization (there’s just the two of us) but we believe we’re a valuable resource for the Pacific Northwest aging community. It also allows me to remain connected to the city where I lived for almost thirty years.

At any rate, I had really hoped to have something to say to all of you today, something meaningful about endings and beginnings, something heartfelt about connections. I’d also hoped to share some images from this past year, as I transitioned from one part of the country to another, this time from the Midwest to the Northeast.

But none of that is going to happen tonight. I’ve run out of energy. I’m out of words.

My friend June just called me from Texas. “I want to wish you a marvelous New Year,” she said. “I figure it’s time for one of those.”

Yes, it is. For all of us. I’m happy to be entering it with you. It’s a good start.

Photo by Ruth Neuwald Falcon


  1. Thanks for reaching out to those of us with whom you stay connected, dear Ruth. Just the reaching out with honesty is so welcome and I do look forward to hearing more about your perspectives in 2023 when you have the energy to share them!

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  2. Happy New Year, Ruth. I, too, am grateful to be entering into 2023 with you all.
    You are doing some incredible work with the Northwest Center for Creative Aging. You have some incredible skills to share with the world.

    I enjoyed just hearing from you, no worries about putting something more together.
    You have had some pretty significant winter weather in your area this year. I enjoyed taking the walk with you down the apartment corridor. Be safe and take care.

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