It is early December and the deciduous trees have finally let go of their leaves. L.A. does have a change of seasons. It just doesn’t follow the same timeline as the rest of the country. Summer lasted late into October and now there is a carpet of gold along Ventura Boulevard and, on Whitsett, the trees are decorating the ground with red. I admit, it is not the glorious swath of color one finds in the northeast, but the tiny morsels of color here are greatly appreciated. It is not in-your-face beauty, but the kind you must push yourself just a tad to find. Not only in nature is life like that. One must look hard to find the scattered bits that amaze us, the ones that bring a smile.

Today, the team Trump hired to search for more missing documents at the behest of the Justice Department found two more classified pieces. Trump wanted to trade them for the papers on the Russia investigation. Really?

The guilty verdict on the Trump corporation is welcome, but if you read a little deeper you will learn that though Trump himself has not been charged (yet), evidence during this trial revealed that he himself signed the lease for his CFO’s condo as well as for his grandchildren’s school. Oops! He and his attorneys may appeal, and they may repeat that Trump is not responsible for what his employees did, but his signature is evidence that he knew something about that crime.

The Justice Department’s special counsel has issued subpoenas to several states to help determine if Trump conspired with false electors as he tried to stay in power. I think we could call that the real attempt at a big steal.

Fall is fluttering away here, and Christmas is just around the corner. The January 6th Committee has indicated that they will make criminal referrals to the Justice Department and release all their evidence. Their outgoing gift to this country will thus prevent the incoming Republican House from cherry picking items to release.

I don’t know about you, but I think I have found a few scattered bits that leave me feeling like the joy of the holiday season is, indeed, in the air.

Photo by Sue Robin

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