I am so grateful to all who shared a bit of themselves with us over the past few days.

Words connect us to each other and I believe that your words helped those of us who read them feel less alone. We have been so isolated for so long, and the times continue to be deeply challenging, which makes these connections all the more precious. You have reminded me that we can’t give up hope for healing and change. Even if we take steps backward, there’s always the opportunity to move forward again, once we dust ourselves off.

One friend told me that your words helped her get a better perspective on her own life. “I have a tendency to tumble down into hopelessness,” she said. “Reading people who aren’t in denial about what is going on but who are still able to see not just darkness — well, that was really helpful.”

The invitation to write remains open. This community is a welcoming place for sharing and, I hope, healing. Once again, I am very grateful to be journeying with all of you.


  1. Thanks, Ruth, for your lovely post reporting your readers’ responses to our responses. Being one of those people who are able to choose joy without denying the darkness, I’m so glad my words were found to be useful. I do hope you are able to find peace and beauty amid the worries. MS

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