The road to hope by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

Life surprises us with challenges in all shapes and sizes. There was the election of DJT in 2016. Who could have known that it would lead to an insurrection in 2021? And then, amidst the political insanity, came a pandemic of epic proportions. Hundreds of thousands of deaths, many more ill, jobs lost, businesses failed, and life was no longer a rat race, but a horror show available to stream in every household around the world. The ordinary day-to-day challenges remained. I can attest to that after another trip last week to the periodontist office. I am tired of multiple shots of Novocain, sitting with my mouth agape, stitches, and the God-awful soft food regimen.

Many of us watch the societal challenges closely and grasp at all things that might pave the road to hope. Though it left this country awash in conspiracy theories, lies and chaos, there is good news: DJT is out of office, whether he believes it or not and whether millions of his supporters believe it or not.

There are some dedicated heroes who are delving deep into that chaos. A grand jury has been called in Georgia regarding DJT’s attempts to interfere with the election. In New York, some of DJT’s financial lies are being examined. The January 6th Committee continues to investigate and untangle the web of who knew what when. The Justice Department has arrested over 700 people—the latest group to be tried on charges of sedition. Each pronouncement allows my heart to open just a tad to the possibility that justice will be served.

The Omicron variant of this Pandemic appears to be waning almost as quickly as it arrived. The Testing Positivity rate went from .1 % to 24% in three weeks in Los Angeles. Now, three weeks more have passed, and it is falling again. Mind you, there is a long way to go, but it is heading in the right direction. There is at least a flicker of light at the end of this tunnel.

The unemployment rate is at 3.9% and while the stock market continues to see-saw and the economy has not yet calmed, there is a modicum of hope that they will.

There is much to be done to face our climate change issues and the long-standing pain of racial injustice. Police being held accountable in more than one state is a good start. A broader awareness of water shortages and fire dangers and all the dilemmas of climate change are at least being recognized. A little action wouldn’t hurt, either.

I am incredibly grateful that I can manage the cost and stress of dental work and can look forward to a cup of hot soup and a slice of toast in a few days. My heart goes out to those who suffer without end with health and dental issues and no treatment or are living in a constant state of famine and repression. May they, too, know the joy of a hot cup of soup, a slice of toast, and freedom to enjoy them.

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  1. Thank you for this – it is a perfect reminder that Light and Dark coexist, that two opposite things can both be true at the same time, an always, it is Hope that moves us forward. Love you!

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