I have nothing profound to say about this. I’ll tell you that at the get-go, a word I think I’ve never used before. I just want to share it.

A little after four this afternoon, I was sitting parked in the lot at my grandson’s school, waiting for him to find me. Engine off. Just sitting there. I looked around for him and noticed that a large black something (it turns out to have been a Jeep Wrangler) was backing out of the parking space to my right. The thought, Gee, I wonder if she could hit me, flew in and out of my consciousness. A moment later, there was a jolt and a crunch.

My bumper isn’t in as bad shape as it was two weeks and three days ago, and it wasn’t a hit and run. I have the woman’s insurance information and have filed claims with both her and my company. I have a relationship with the collision center that just gave me a new bumper from the last time and I can bring my car over in the morning to make sure it’s safe to drive. I can’t open my trunk but maybe they can bang the bumper enough into place so it lets me access the trunk release.

Like I said, I don’t have anything profound to say about this and suspect it’s probably for the best if I don’t think too deeply about its implications.


  1. Oh Ruth – what a drag! I’ve found following your blog to be fascinating, but of course a few bumper dents by unaware people is a total drag. So happy you’re with kids and grandkids. A blessing for sure!


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