As always, I appreciate Sue’s take on things. Her words are a good reminder that we all bear responsibility for our world.

One half inch of rain fell in Los Angeles yesterday. A slow steady flow of moisture all day long. The mostly concrete Los Angeles River is a rush again. The trees and plants have all been washed; my car, too. Everything looks greener with the schmutz rinsed off, except my car, which remains white, but without the dirt now. We here, amidst a terrible drought, hold our collective breaths, wondering if there will be more rain this season. We are desperate for more and we will open our arms to it if it comes.

Like other things in life, too much can cause great harm and, too little, the same. Northern California suffered mightily from this yesterday’s storm. Roads flooded, and rockslides closed others. We desperately need a Goldilocks kind of winter this year, but we do not have a say in how much rain will fall and where. Or do we?

In Washington, those that govern are looking for the “just right” solutions, too, but while many politicians have admitted that climate change is real and talk boldly about the need to do something, they struggle to make a deal to save the environment, which is, in essence, saving humanity.  Those whose voters work in the coal industry fight to preserve that way of life. The whole world be damned for a few people who have made their living mining coal as their families have done for generations. Despite black lung disease and mine disasters, they cannot seem to see the upside for the world — and for themselves.

For years, we have watched as politicians supported the gasoline and automotive industries despite the major harm they caused to our world. From pollution to major oil spills soiling our air, water and beaches, killing wildlife and humans, to the devastation that has caused the change in climate. Now, late in the game, the automotive industry is awakening to the potential of hybrid and electric vehicles. I do not see the industries’ shift coming out of great concern for our planet, but they have realized they can make a bundle selling EVs. Change comes slowly and I fear not quite fast enough to help Mother Earth thrive again.

It is not a matter of thinking outside of the box. It is the glaring need to think — period! We all have the responsibility to protect our planet. There are little things that we can each do. Use less plastic, drive less, go meatless one day a week or two, pick up trash, and reuse and recycle. The one really big thing all of us can do is to vote for politicians who support the major changes that are needed and will impact us and all the generations to come.

You see, I do believe we have a say in our world. We may not be able to choose when it rains or where, but by protecting our planet and reducing greenhouse gasses, we do have the ability to help repair and save it from the current path of destruction. Please try to find a “just right” way of being in the world, for all our sakes.

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  1. Well put, but… Sometimes the middle ground will still swallow you up. It’s time to seek higher ground whether others want to follow up or simply remain in the swamp. Compromise is a guarantee that everybody doesn’t get what they want. There’s no gain in a shared loss. It’s time to take the lead and embrace the followers and fuck the stragglers. I’ve had it.


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