Sue wrote this poem in 2017, while on a 5,000 mile (!) road trip through much of the West. She sent it to me a few days ago. It made me smile and touched my heart, so I want to share it with you now.

Just Another Slice
by Sue Robin

Driving through Philipsburg, Montana, I pass two churches, same God
One right next door to the other
Down the street are dueling flags, one quite large and the other larger still
On the back of a pickup’s rear window the entire Pledge of Allegiance is inscribed

This is Big Sky Country, puffy clouds fill every corner, and lots of open spaces
Though the minds here I am not so sure
This is Trump country

The people are friendly and pleasant, but they do not know my politics nor religion
Nor I theirs
I have been here three days and have seen only one Black man in a sea of rural White America
I imagine him to be as lonely as I feel

One would be hard pressed to find a bagel with lox in this town

“Lose your way? Find Jesus” signs flit by interrupted only by billboards, which proclaim
with equal fervor, “Over 50? Get a colorectal exam!”

Save your soul complimented by save your ass

A doe got up close and personal with the brand–new rental car
Brakes and reflexes worked in perfect harmony
Five miles down the road our hearts have almost stopped beating at the speed of a hummingbird’s wings

Just another slice of the good old U.S. of A.

Photo of Summit Lake, MT by Sue Robin

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