I’d never thought of things being “down-dated,” but now that Sue talks about it, it’s a natural. Sometimes I feel pretty “down-dated” myself, but I hope that will pass. Maybe I can find a good contractor. . .

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Majority of Florida condo board quit in 2019 as squabbling residents dragged out plans for repairs—WaPo

Bill Cosby accusers and their attorneys express outrage and betrayal over his release from prison—CNN

June 30, 2021

A good contractor
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

Some things age well. Wine, cheese and some people (not looks mind you, but in the depth of their character and the stretching of their hearts). Other things, not so much.

A few months ago, my sister sent me a link to images of our growing-up home and after I had viewed the pictures, all I can say is, I hope the years have been kinder to me then to it. It is a strange experience to see a place that you lived in for many years, only to find it almost unrecognizable, except for the old burgundy color bathroom tile! This home of my youth had not been updated, but it had been altered in strange ways. If there was a word “down-dated,” I think it would cover it.

Last night, we dined at a famous old Los Angeles French restaurant. In its heyday, it was considered a romantic place with exceptional food. The property has been sold and they will close soon. One might make an argument that they should’ve cut their losses and locked the door a while ago. The food was mediocre, the décor dated and seedy looking. The evening wasn’t a total loss, however, as we dined with an old friend we had not seen since before the pandemic, and schmoozed and laughed for three hours.

Our aging country is under new leadership. There is a good chance that some major updates will be made. Bridge reinforcements, roads repaved, and the availability of clean water are all possibilities in this moment. But how does one refurbish the souls that live here? How does one convince a group of people who complain endlessly about the increases in violence while they demand access to more and bigger guns? or refuse to be jabbed?

Just as I cannot ‘unsee’ my old home or the decrepit restaurant, I cannot unsee the January 6th insurrection nor the constant barrage of lies and murderous hate crimes. It is becoming an incredible challenge to maintain a positive feeling about our country. 

Refurbishment projects often lead to a bigger mess than one started with, but then, with the help of an able contractor, slowly grow into a new, fresh look, with all the modern conveniences. One hopes that this country has hired the right ‘contractor’ and will find a way to bring into balance our souls as well as our bridges.

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  1. Too bad you are so right-on, Sue. Let’s hope (and work) for the best. Thanks for all your thoughts over the months. JoAnn Worswick


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