I got a message from a dead friend yesterday, handwritten on a piece of paper stuck into one of the files I’m cleaning out. Nothing occult about the communication, though it feels, almost twenty years after her death, like it’s not accidental I found it now, on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Gerda was a refugee from Nazi Germany and so understood a great deal about the choice that we all get to make, every day, about how to hold the light and the dark of the world we live in.

How Derek Chauvin’s trial is bringing down the blue wall—NBC News

CDC says now-dominant variant poses risk even with nearly 20% of U.S. fully vaccinated—MarketWatch

GOP House fundraisers accuse people who uncheck their recurring donation box of being Trump ‘DEFECTORS’ and prey to ‘the Radical Left’—Yahoo! News

April 7, 2021

by Gerda Lawrence

We can either lose ourselves in despair and grief over the fact that so far none of the high ideals for equality, freedom and well-being, which people have formulated over the centuries, have come to fruition,


We can rejoice and live in awareness of the fact that we human beings again and again have developed, and at times even tried to put into operation, those high ideals.


  1. Me, too, Ruth. I was going through a ceramic box of a few special notes & photos last night, & on the back of one was stuck a small post-it note in Gerda’s writing with her name, address, & phone number. I didn’t think about how long ago it must have been when she wrote it.

    Maybe there is something mystical about the synchronicity?!

    You’re often in my thoughts, with warm wishes for your well-being.

    Hugs & love to you, Shari

    Shari Rosner (Pronouns: she/her)

    Remember the 3 Ws: “Watch your (6 feet) distance, wear a mask [or two], wash your hands.” – Francis Collins, Director NIH


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  2. Ruth, thank you very much for bringing Gerda’s presence here today. I loved her and miss her. She would have been very happy you shared her words on your blog. She loved and respected you so much. ❤️

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