For the talking heads on Sunday’s news shows, it’s still All Trump, All the Time, giving him the constant coverage that he craves. One of my hopes is that we can start ignoring him. What would happen if we pretended he just didn’t exist? Which isn’t the same as saying we should pretend the dangers aren’t real.

Biden calls for ‘commonsense gun law reforms’ on anniversary of Parkland shooting—The Hill

CDC chief warns it’s too soon in U.S. to lift COVID-19 mask mandates—Reuters

Biden is winning Republican support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan. Just not in Washington.—WaPo

February 14, 2021

Morally bankrupt
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

During 9/11, I was terrified, overwhelmed and filled with dread that there would be an all-out war in our country. It was nothing compared to what I felt on 1/6/2021. These were citizens of the USA who violently attempted to overthrow our government and constitution, led by a morally bankrupt man who was unable to accept defeat and who wanted to maintain power.

The outcome of the Impeachment trial was not a surprise to me. I hoped right action would prevail, but time and again saw the Republican support for party over country and knew that he would be acquitted. Nonetheless, when the verdict did come, it tore through my heart. An incredible sadness hung over me. I yelled at the TV and wept. The only glimmer of hope I could see was sparked by the fact that my conservative Sweetie was as disgusted and disappointed as I. He, too, wanted to see this evil man found guilty. I hold the image that there are many other conservatives who share his disgust.

A friend sent me a link to an article in the Atlantic, It’ll Do, by David Frum. For those of you wondering what next, I encourage you to read it. It offered a tinge of hope. Ruth’s posting of Nancy Pelosi’s speech put things in perspective.

Now, yet again, I wait. With each indignity, outrageous lie and offensive remark made by Trump, I waited for the condemnation and the return to decency and civility. It did not come. In fact, it worsened over time with his setup for the ‘big steal’—condemning mail-in ballots as cheating and claiming BEFORE the election that if he lost it wasn’t because he was a loser, but because the election was rigged. Despite the fifty-plus failed lawsuits and numerous recounts, he continued to foment ‘his’ people. It culminated in the horrendous insurrection on January 6. He was happy (happy!) watching the violent invasion of the Capitol as he sat safely in the Oval Office because these were his supporters. They were doing it for him. They believed him and his lies and the numerous conspiracy theories he has spread.

I waited for the Mueller Report, waited for the first Impeachment and now, this second one. Now I wait for the New York Attorney General, the Georgia Attorney General, and I sure as hell hope, The United States Attorney General to, finally, hold this man accountable for his transgressions. Perhaps Officer Sicknick’s family and the other officer’s families will sue in Civil Court for wrongful death and use McConnell’s damning closing statement to convict him.

Fairy tales always end with the evil one getting his due and the kindhearted one the winner. I leave you with the hope that soon good will at long last triumph over evil. My fingers are crossed, and I pray that, in the end, we all will see justice served.

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