I want to connect, but I don’t have much to say. I wish the news, aka life, could take a week or two off. I wish we could rest into the hope that was expressed and demonstrated yesterday. I wish that everyone in the other party in the other Washington would slap their foreheads and go, I see the error of my ways! It’s time for us to do what our new president is saying and unify.

Biden signs executive actions on COVID, climate change, immigration and more—CBS News

McConnell Seeks Impeachment Trial Delay and Slows Senate Rules—The New York Times

Biden Displays Basic Pandemic Competence With His COVID Executive Orders—New York Magazine Intelligencer

January 21, 2021

I wish
by Ruth Neuwald Falcon, Seattle, Washington

But things have not gotten bad enough for that to happen. I don’t even want to think about what “bad enough” would look like, since over 400,000 dead and an insurrection at the Capitol aren’t enough.

I wish too that all my contemporaries could schedule their vaccinations. I was lucky enough to get an appointment for the 29th, and just knowing that I have it (as long as the UW Medical Center doesn’t run out of its supply before then) is bringing a sense of relief, though I know that even vaccination will not be panacea.

I am deeply grateful for yesterday, grateful that nothing terrible happened and that it was all so beautifully expressed and orchestrated. I am grateful each time I hear the words “President Biden” and “Vice President Harris.” But it’s going to take some time to heal from the damage of the past four years. Don Lemon, in the opening of his show this evening on CNN, said it better than I can: “There are scars that are left on the soul of our country that need to heal.”

How are you doing?


  1. Watching yesterday unfold, I felt the clouds beginning to part to “let the sun shine in,” as B’way stars sang last night on a tv tribute to the new Administration. I know there are others who do not share this emotion. Let’s focus on what we can probably agree on — the Democratic system was challenged; it survived; and there was a peaceful transition of power, once again in the US. Let’s hope that when it happens again in four years, CoVid and national security are no longer primary factors in planning and decision making.

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  2. We are scarred, dear Ruth, just as Don Lemon has said, but being able to share our feelings is very important in beginning to heal. Even though the situation is by no means perfect, we do have two top leaders: Biden and Harris in place and the many folks they have working on their plans. Let’s keep the faith and move forward with hope and yes, joy!

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