Chad Wolf. Betsy DeVos. Elaine Chao. Mick Mulvaney. Stephanie Grisham. He’s gone too far, they say, as if he hasn’t spent every day for the past four years going too far. Yesterday, Mulvaney expressed shock at the deadly Washington riots and appeared to be awed that “people took [Trump] literally.” It would be funny that so many are having their own Casablanca moment, except that none of this is funny.

Nearly two dozen former GOP lawmakers urge Congress to impeach Trump—Washington Examiner

Congresswoman gets COVID-19 after sheltering with maskless lawmakers during Capitol riot—The Hill

FBI Warns Of ‘Armed Protests’ At All 50 State Capitols In Lead-Up To Inauguration Day—HuffPost

January 11, 2021

Let us be warned
by Sherman Yellen, New York, New York

Born in 1932, I grew up with the rise and fall of fascism. It was embedded in memory, so when I first encountered DJT I recognized the fascist beast and his works.

I do not delude myself; my early years in the USA were spent in a segregated country and the fight for respect for all people continues. But without DJT, the work towards equality goes forward—but justice demands accountability for crimes against our common humanity.

If there is anything positive to come out of the fascist insurrection against the Capitol, it is the lesson that Sinclair Lewis taught: “It can happen here.” This may be the very wake-up call the country needed so that we arm ourselves against any future tyrants and their cohorts.

So let us be warned and save the country for the generations to come. Freedom is never free—it costs vigilance and empathy. Corny as it sounds, let freedom for all ring loud and clear.


  1. Yes! This warning did come loud and clear and we must attend to it, frightening as this whole experience has been! I especially like Sherman’s last line: “let freedom for all ring loud and clear.”

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