Irit is the first of my friends to receive the vaccination. I’m so looking forward to seeing the same smile in the eyes of the rest of us soon.

Ted Cruz will object when Congress certifies Joe Biden’s election, as 11 GOP senators demand ‘audit’ and 10-day delay—The Dallas Morning News

Amy Klobuchar Rips Ted Cruz-Led Gang of Senators Threatening to Reject Biden Victory on Jan. 6: ‘Can You Please Get a Grip?’—Media-ite

‘This is about total collapse of the health care system if we have another spike’ of Covid-19—CNN

January 2, 2021

Guiding principles for 2021
by Irit Umani, Austin, Texas

On the last hour of my last working day in year 2020, I received my first dose of the COVID vaccine, together with other staff of non-profit organizations that serve people who are homeless in Austin. It was the best gift that I received during this challenging year. Actually, maybe the second best to Biden winning the election.  Being invited—with one and a half hour notice—to be vaccinated felt like a real recognition of the work that all of us kept on doing in spite of risks to our well being.

Isn’t it silly to state that this was a challenging year? It’s like stating that it is morning at 9:00 AM, or that Black lives matter, or that I was born and will die….all obvious.

What is not obvious is what are we going to learn from 2020? What are we going to change? What will be our priorities, personally and as a people?

As a new year and a new decade start, I’d rather not list all the frustrations, disgust, anger, fear, bewilderments that filled me obsessively last year. Rather, I choose to go back to and reaffirm the “instructions.” They are to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” Imagine living it actually and fully!

These guiding principles are my intention, my hope, my prayer, my vision and my guide. May I, may we, come ever closer to being able to say, at the end of 2021, that we loved more deeply, that we acted for justice more fiercely, that we remained humble and faithful.


  1. Irit…your guiding principles: to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God” say it all as to how we can live in this new year. Thank you for sharing them.

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