Even as president-elect Joe Biden warns us that the “darkest days” are to come, too many people are ignoring the desperate calls from the medical community to follow the guidelines.

US hospitals forced to put COVID-19 sick in parking garages, hallways — and they’re running out of nurses—Fox5 Atlanta

Trump pardons ex-campaign aide and disgraced Republican lawmakers—The Guardian

As Trump meets with QAnon influencers, the conspiracy theory’s adherents beg for dictatorship—NBC News

December 22, 2020

This, too, shall pass
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

This morning as I shook the sleep from my eyes, Russ brought me a cup of coffee, the newspaper and then fluffed my extra pillow. We love to gaze out the window at our house squirrel, George, and listen to the owls hooting while we read and sip. What was a weekend ritual in our early days is now a daily one; whoever wakes first provides the “maid” service. Though it has been several years since I retired, it still feels decadent.

Often, after skimming the horrors of the day, I will skip to the crossword and the funnies. I was not fast enough today, and the headlines brought me to tears. No ICU beds in Los Angeles. No end in sight even with the vaccine distribution.

There is often a desire to place blame. Whose fault is it? Trump and his cohorts blame China, most everyone else points the finger at Trump. A few choice words in the beginning might have slowed the virus; but might is a huge word and, quite frankly, does us no good. What is essential for all of us now is to make the right choices. Wear a mask, launder it daily, wash our hands again and again, and stay home. Christmas is calling people to celebrate, but if you celebrate this year by flying or joining families or parties, you and/or your friends and family may not be around to ever do it again.

At fifty, I developed asthma and my ability to breathe was impaired, causing me to cough for hours on end, until Russ would insist it was an emergency room kind of time. It took two years, and four or five trips to the ER, to find the right medication and now I breathe freely—as long as I follow all the rules.

COVID-19 is not any easy illness nor any easy death. I don’t even like to imagine not being able to breathe, with fever and aches and pains, and no medicine that works. I encourage anyone reading this to follow the rules! If you can afford to have groceries delivered, do so. If family begs you to visit, tell them you love them too much to do so. Wear a mask if you must go out, and keep your distance from strangers and those you love.

Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s and whatever holiday I have left out will come again before you know it. Please make sure you and your loved ones are here to enjoy it. As my mother would say, “This, too, shall pass.” Russ and I will be home for Christmas to hear the owls hoot and enjoy the squirrel parade out on the deck and, if we are lucky, George may bring his wife, Georgette. Stay safe and stay home.

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