As a displaced New Yorker, I resonate to the specifics of the city Sherman talks about. But the rebirth he believes in applies to the whole country and I needed to read his words today.

Trump Floats Coup Plan That’s So Wild Even Rudy Giuliani Is TerrifiedNew York Intelligencer

Pompeo blames Russia for a hack on US agencies. Trump disagrees.—Vox

Stimulus stalemate over Fed lending; U.S. general apologizes to states for vaccine cuts—CNBC

December 19, 2020

A great rebirth
by Sherman Yellen, New York, New York

Gloom and Doom — Go get a room.

Last I heard someone shout ‘get a room’ twas years ago in the innocent Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton where a former mayor, and now a Trumpian miscreant, was slobbering kisses on his last wife in full view of the locals and grandkids. We tried to shield the children from this hideous sight—this car crash of love—but failed, no doubt scarring them for life.

As I recover from one surgery, and prepare for another, I spend a good deal of time reading my newspapers and listening to the political pundits. Much of what I read and hear predicts hard times ahead following the pandemic.

It is always easy to predict the worst. Doom and gloom ahead. No way to recover. Really? I call upon my great age and experience to offer a more positive view of what can and often does happen after catastrophes like COVID and Trump. I was in a bombed-out London after the war; a few years later, I was in a devastated Berlin. Today, they are thriving cities.

I predict the same for my NYC. Central Park, the Met Museum, Lincoln Center, the glorious streets that flow from the Village to Harlem—they are not going anywhere; only better. We are not facing extinction but a great rebirth.


  1. I believe he’s right. The saying “darkest before the dawn” surely applies to the situation we find ourselves in right now. But the election and vaccines are the first light, tiny streaks letting us know morning is on the way. What is it now, 31 days? We made it through about 1,430 of darkness. We’ll get there.

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