This is for my friend Wendy who is the one who asked for cute animal stories. It’s also for the rest of us.

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December 4, 2020

And now for something completely different
by Andrea Perr, Seattle, Washington

Time for a cute animal story. Finally! A chance the write about something I know about. This story contains NO dangerous material! No Covid! No politics! No religion!

After the tragic loss of my exotically beautiful Ragdoll cat, I decided go for a more everyday, non-purebred kitty from a shelter. I came home with a 9-month-old tabby who I named Nyx after the Greek goddess of the night.  In practice, I refer to her alternately as Monster and The Beast.

Nyx can be a great source on entertainment when she isn’t shredding furniture. She has a lot of personality and is quite funny. It’s a bit like having a toddler. At nighttime, she gets this sudden burst of energy and runs across the house like a crazy lady. From the dining room to the bedroom, takes a speedy u-turn on the bed and circles back to the dining room. Thirty seconds later, she’s asleep.

But the most amazing thing about this cat is that she can tell time. I’ve gotten in the habit of giving her a snack treat (a spoonful of canned food) at 6 p.m. and dinner at 9:30 p.m.  If I’m not watching the clock, I’ll be alerted by this critter tapping me on the arm and pulling on my sleeve while she nods toward the kitchen. 

This doesn’t stop her from trying to score food at other times. This cat LOVES to eat. I can’t accommodate her as she leans toward the chubby side and I get reprimanded by the vet at each annual visit. Nyx is persistent if nothing else. Being the eternal optimist, anytime I go in the kitchen she’ll come rushing in and put her front paws up on the step-stool that supports a canister of dry kibble and look at me like she’s starving to death (oh yeah, one of her other nicknames is Starvin’ Marvin).  I’ll say, “It’s not time. It’s just not time.” She skulks away looking pathetic and feeble. 

What a Drama Queen.

Photo by Andrea Perr


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