Every day, we have to make decisions about our level of risk. We need to get groceries and meds; if we have a medical issue, we need to handle it. But what about the more discretionary activities? Despite what we’re being told by the current administration, today, this country recorded its highest number COVID-10 in one day since start of the pandemic. That record makes most of us even more conscious of the risks we take whenever we got out and mingle with others. As the holidays approach, the decisions many face become even more emotionally fraught. I’m glad Sue reached the decision she did.

Heat at Trump rally sends a dozen attendees to the hospital—NBC News

Walmart removes guns and ammunition displays, citing concerns of ‘civil unrest’—WaPo

Zeta latest: 5 dead, massive power outages, delayed early voting in Georgia—ABC News

October 29, 2020

Do we dare?
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

I slog through these last few days before the election. It is Thursday morning and the second of three garbage trucks is clanging down the street, the dishwasher is gurgling, and the air purifier is humming. My brain, however, is frozen in fear. Will Biden win convincingly enough to forestall a major meltdown by the current Commander-in-Chief? Will Trump’s hubris overshadow the results? Will violence erupt, no matter who wins? Will the globe-hopping virus take down a loved one?

The Pandemic is raging again or, as Dr. Fauci says, “still.” The President, who is supposed to lead both by example and directives, has not done either. Despite the worldwide spread, the mixed messages have led some to think this is all a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats and the media to prevent Trump’s second term. My God, if the Democrats and media were that powerful, don’t you think we could have achieved world peace—or at least cooperation between the parties?

Trump brags that he has survived COVID-19, as did his family. Per Trump, his son only needed one tissue and he was well again; as if to say that the 227,697 Americans who died just did not do it right. No matter that the entire world is overwhelmed by this horrific illness. Trump’s words,“We have turned the corner on this virus and understand it now”, ring hollow as the number of cases and the number of deaths climb to new heights daily, both in the USA and Europe.

My sister just invited us for Thanksgiving dinner, but do we dare go? Three nephews and their respective partners, my sister and her husband, and us. Not a huge crowd, but if it is like years gone by, we will be inside all snuggled together at a huge table fit for Kings and Queens. My honey will turn eighty in two months and I am well into my seventies and have asthma. Two of the attendees have had COVID-19 already, but the others are working and so around other people regularly. Though they are mask compliant, I wonder how wise it would be.

It would nourish my soul no end to spend time with some of my family, but my head says that the price is too steep. We will make a small turkey and all the trimmings at home. Just the two of us giving thanks for our families and, hopefully, for the peaceful acceptance of the election results and will look forward to next year when we will watch Biden sworn in as President, and we will be sitting at my sister’s table once again.

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