After looking at various iterations of “The waiting game,” I came upon the image I ultimately chose to use. Patience, I realized, is what I am most in need of as I “play” these national and global waiting games. One day, one night, one hour, at a time. I am ready for these “games” to be over and for the good guys to win.

Armed Trump supporters at Florida polling site were off-duty guards and had not been hired, officials say—WaPo

Coronavirus Threatens To Define Final Days Of Election As U.S. Cases Skyrocket—Forbes

Trump: I hope that the Supreme Court ends Obamacare—WaPo

October 22, 2020

The waiting game by
Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

The dental insurance company has thus far kept me waiting one full month to approve five extractions and gum surgery, thus making an unpleasant event even worse. The anticipatory anxiety about having one’s lower front teeth removed is enormous. Vanity and pain are not a good combination. Do they really think someone would request this if they did not need it?

My sister wasn’t feeling well, with tiredness, fever and achiness, so we waited for a COVID19 test. It seemed to take forever, but it was negative, and she has already shaken the miserable little bug she had. Thank God.

Waited, too, for my sister-in-law and niece, who had COVID19, to recover. Thankfully, they recuperated quickly.

Waiting for some rain, or a bit of wind, to mitigate the smoke that has meandered down our way yet again. Since I live in Los Angeles, it is likely going to be a long wait.

Waiting for Trump to have a WikiLeak drop as in 2016, though I think Rudy’s first big reveal fell flat. Everyone knows that Trump is not running against either Hillary or Hunter, and the back-story of where the info was obtained is as preposterous as our current President.

Waiting for Republicans to condemn the horrors Trump has manifested in these past four years. A few have from the beginning, some joined the chorus midway, but now that things are not looking very positive for Trump many others are doing like Trump does:  I don’t know him. I never liked him. I don’t agree with him.

Waiting for November 3, an election like no other I have witnessed in all my years of voting. The polls are trending in a positive direction for Biden. I like that, but the like is tinged with worry. The polls thought Hillary would win in 2016 and we see where that got us.

With even more trepidation than I feel for the dental work, I am waiting for the post-election drama, which I fear will bring more trauma. What shenanigans will Trump and his cohorts attempt? What will Trump encourage from his white supremacist buddies? The not knowing is troublesome and, at moments, nauseating.

Maybe Biden will win big enough on the 3rd to forestall any acting out, but this man who is still calling for Hillary to be locked up and to see her emails and is better than anyone I know at holding a grudge, is unlikely to go gently into the good night. I have read that it is the Secret Service who would be obligated to escort Trump from the White House if he refuses the results of a duly certified election. Considering how many times he unnecessarily endangered their lives, we might hope this would be a job they will gladly do.

We all have personal things we are waiting for during this strange time. Some people are waiting to hold a wedding or a funeral. Some to go back to work or school, some to leave the house. I am waiting for an insurance company and a time when I might safely visit my son and family once again.

As a community and, I dare say, as a world, we are all waiting for a vaccine, for social justice, for a new president and, most importantly, a return to civility, kindness and respect.


  1. And while we wait, quitely but systematically Trump and company dismantle the EPA, sell off public lands to big business, undermine our social justice safety nets, jam through conservative jurists, and install Trumpist loyalists in key governmental positions. Change can not come soon enough, but even if Biden/Harris win big, what damage will Trump be able to do between Nov 4 and inaguration day? Stressful times indeed!

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    1. The pendulum swings one way and then back again. Hopefully what has been done can be undone though I know like with weight, it is a lot easier to put on and takes longer to shed.

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  2. Thanks to Sue Robin for writing so well about what I am sure many of us are stuck doing: waiting! May all the things you are stuck on turn out well, dear Sue and may this wish reach out to all her readers for their best outcomes!

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  3. So many of us make a bad job of waiting. Me included. I am notoriously impatient. “You are getting on my last nerve!” is a phrase I learned when I moved to Baltimore 36 years ago. It suits me. And Trump got to my last nerve a long time ago. Be gone! We are all tired of waiting for that glorious day.

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    1. Saw a bit on the internet about a man driving by a long line to vote and he shouted out to a guy standing there, “How long have you been waiting?” The reply from the guy in line was priceless, “Four years!” and the rest of the line erupted in cheers. Don’t know if it is true or apocryphal, but it made me smile and gave me a glimmer of hope.

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