Last week at Trader Joe’s, I encountered an older woman whose mask was bobbing somewhere below her nose. I signaled to her and pointed to my mask with a pull-it-up gesture. She nodded and pulled. Next time I passed her, the mask was back down again. We went through the point and pull routine a few more times and the last time I saw her, she was pushing her cart out of the store, her mask lodged below her nose. I hope she reads Ellin’s piece.

Trump’s latest White House event put some of the nation’s most vulnerable people at risk—Vox

Trump returns to public campaigning, falsely claiming that the virus that infected him is ‘disappearing’—WaPo

Coronavirus cases set new single-day records in six U.S. states and worldwide—NBC News

October 10, 2020

Let’s do it right
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, Washington

I watch a great amount of TV news and so much of it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. That virus is the subject of many of the interviews on MSNBC or CNN. One thing I have noticed in so many of the interviews is the fact that when the person speaking is wearing a mask, that mask often slips down, uncovering that person’s nose. The mask is only preventative when both mouth and nose are covered. I find myself becoming very agitated each time I see this mask slippage. Yesterday, for example, I watched Nancy Pelosi lift her mask back over her nose at least ten to twenty times in an interview and today, I saw Joe Biden having to replace his mask repeatedly, also. Something is wrong with their masks’ design or in their mask usage, in my opinion.

I had been given a number of attractive cloth masks from several generous folks, but none of them had metal pieces that could be bent over the nose area. Finally another friend sent us wonderful masks with that metal piece and now my masks stay in place even if I am speaking. Why don’t all masks have that feature and why, when folks are using a paper surgical mask (as was Biden yesterday), do they not tighten the nose piece of metal? I think most surgical masks do come with that potential.

Since wearing of masks is said to be the very first and most important step in protecting all of us from Covid, let’s develop a promotion that emphasizes their proper use! And if you are reading this little plea, won’t you find a way to keep your mask properly in place? You could really make a difference.


  1. I have spent part of the last week adding the little metal nose grabber to all my masks. A small strip of bias tape, a few stitches and voila! Safer and the bonus, if you wear glasses, is that they are less likely to steam. Thanks for encouraging everyone to wear the mask properly!

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  2. Right on, my wife Diane has made hundredsy of masks and they have all had that piece — and they do stay firmly in place even when talking! Diane says to add that the masks also need to wide enough nose to chin so opening your mouth doesn’t pull it off your nose!

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  3. Thanks so much for continuing to recognize that my writing matters, dear Ruth! This is so very validating to me. Have a good and peaceful Sunday. 23 days!

    Lovingly, Ellin


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