Margy, a piano teacher in the L.A. area, suggests an interesting approach to dealing with our national divisions. Her income, along with that of so many others, has dropped precipitously during Covid. She is offering lessons remotely and has invited me to share her website with you. Who knows, this might just be the time for someone reading this to decide to start taking piano lessons. There are all kinds of ways to stay connected and build community.

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St. Louis couple who aimed guns at protesters accused of evidence tampering, court official says—WaPo

October 6, 2020

A way to more common ground?
by Margy Horowitz, Los Angeles, California

I’m not a registered Democrat (or Republican — I’m an independent), so I ‘m not speaking as a Democrat or “someone on the left.” I am speaking as someone who’s been watching this country deteriorate for the past few years into a place that I barely recognize anymore. People are so angry at each other and have so much trouble finding common ground. Some think the hate coming from the left is deafening, but I’ve felt just as much hate coming from the right. And I’m white! I can’t even imagine how much more hate I’d be feeling if I was Black or Latina. 

Fake reports & fake conspiracies can be found on both sides. How many people spent 8 years trying to prove that Obama wasn’t born in the US? Both sides are equally wasteful when it comes to conspiracies, crying about losing elections, etc. And if you want to talk about hypocrisy, let’s talk about Merrick Garland for a few minutes.

Now, as far as the massive debt and opening the economy. I don’t think there’s any American right now who doesn’t wish things were back to normal. Not one. But personally, I don’t want to be liable for anybody’s illness or death. The economy isn’t any good to anyone if we’re all dead. This virus is serious, not that you’d know that by the way the current administration has downplayed it and ignored scientists.

If we all would’ve listened months ago and started wearing masks every time we left our houses, stayed far apart from each other, and basically followed simple directions based on science, we could have had this under control by now. Instead, the Republicans politicized it and ignored scientific advice, and over 200,000 Americans are dead. Thousands more have health issues that’ll take them years to overcome. You can’t open up the country the way things are if you don’t want to have the deaths of thousands more people on your hands. And before you say, “That’s life — you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs,” I would ask you what you’d think if that egg was your wife, or your mother, or your child. I’m not willing to take any chances on the health of my family members, no matter how much money I’m losing. Money isn’t as important as having my family alive and well.

Does it worry me that 232 Democrats all vote the same way? Does it worry you that 198 Republicans all vote the same way? The only way to stop everyone from voting down party lines is to get rid of all political parties. George Washington warned against political parties, but the American men didn’t listen, and now we’re in the situation that we’re in. By all means, let’s eliminate political parties, the Electoral College, etc., and find another way of doing this. Maybe everyone would be happier that way and we’d all be able to find more common ground.

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  1. Thank you! Unshackle the Common Good and the Common Cause! Andrew Carnegie, I believe, helped to set an example for the means to an awakened, conscious humanity by giving his wealth towards creating libraries for the Common Man/Woman/Child. Now we have the Internet. Awareness of humanities’ possibilities can be shared for the survival of life on this planet if greed and political “mobs” cease to rule and people, with a click on their device, can choose to educate themselves towards higher ground, The Common Good. A famous quote by a European industrialist (his name escapes me), “I would rather be a rich man in a rich country than a rich man in a poor country.”

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