Ellin is so right—we are all desperately in need of good news. I felt like I had received some when I got her blog submission this morning. Reading her words lifted my spirits a little and brought a smile to my face. That counts as good news these days.

Trump to hold first entirely indoor rally in nearly three months—CNN

Death toll rises as fires choke US west coast and Trump response is lambasted—The Guardian

Weather systems expected to push some smoke out of Seattle as mental health takes a hit in the haze—Seattle Times

September 13, 2020

Good news
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, Washington

Today started out to be a dim, foggy, smoky Sunday morning when I awoke. As I usually begin my days, I turned on the TV news and could find nothing positive to watch. I heard an old song go through my mind by the name of Good News and decided later in the day to try to find the lyrics. It took me a while, but I finally discovered it was from the 1947 film, Good News, starring June Allyson and Peter Lawford. The music was written by Ray Henderson and the lyrics were by B.G. DeSylva and Lew Brown. Here are the words to the chorus:

“Good news! You’re bound to do me good
Come right here to me, good news.
Good news! You’re what I’ve waited for
I wasn’t slated for blues.”

Those lyrics were exactly what I was hoping for this morning…come to me: good news, because I wasn’t slated for blues! Who was, I’d like to know! The level of negatives being reported with almost no positives has really caused depression and anxiety, not only in me, but in many, many others who are yearning for feeling optimistic and are having trouble doing so.

The one thing I did beside finding the song lyrics was to write a piece on Facebook asking folks to please send me something positive that will cheer me and others up! Several folks have done so and I would bet that their doing that also helped them to feel a bit better today. I certainly hope so.


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