This isolation is insidious, eating away at our self-esteem. We start to feel that we don’t matter and that with our limited existences, we don’t make a difference. Ellin’s words today are a welcome reminder to value ourselves, that our current limitations are not a reflection of our worth. We are all still present in the hearts and minds of those who love us, we still make a difference in their lives.

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August 24, 2020

In case no one told you today
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, Washington

While searching through Facebook just now for an inspiration for my daily writing, I came across a charming poster with a message that I wanted to remember. Despite my difficulty these days in handwriting, I copied it down on a strip of paper and here is what it said:

In case no one told you today:
You’re beautiful.
You’re loved.
You’re needed.
You’re alive for a reason.
You’re stronger than you think.
You’re going to get through this.
I’m glad you’re alive.
Don’t give up!

Every sentence is so meaningful to me and would be, I am sure, to anyone else who has been dealing with and living through the experience of this Covid-19 pandemic. It is too easy to become tired, bored, angry, fearful, lonely, hopeless, and so many other negative emotional states! I have some days that are way too painful and others where I truly manage to get by rather easily.

Last week’s Democratic convention brought many moments of hope and positivity. I do not think that I will experience this week’s Republican convention in that same way. TV commentators are predicting that the whole week will be about praising Trump, including the times that he, himself, will be speaking each night. I doubt if I will be able to stomach watching him.

Going back to the points made on the poster, I love the thought that I am needed. I can see how in this apartment, in my life with Don, my spirit is greatly needed, as well as the many assorted small tasks I complete during the week, such as ordering meals, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, doing laundry, etc. I think the most important thing I do is to be a companion to my sweetheart: to listen and appreciate all he is and does for me and for us as a couple.

I know for certain that I am loved not only by Don but by layers of family and friends who are close to me and those to whom I am not as close, but I am still appreciated and yes, loved. I do know I am alive for a reason and this has been true all of my life. I am sure that I have on occasion forgotten this, but for the most part, I think I do play a role in others’ lives—even when I don’t know that I am making a difference. 

As to my strength, most days I don’t even think of myself as being strong. I just get through these pandemic times. However, I now realize, upon thinking about this point, that it helps me to know I am stronger than I’d given myself credit for being. That will certainly help me in getting through this strange, isolating period of the pandemic.

Just this morning when caregiver Gina came to take our temperatures, she referred to Don and me as “Sunshine.” That caused me to start singing You Are My Sunshine, as I knew that Gina is always singing through her day, and I guessed she would join me in the song. Sure enough, the two of us sang in unison all the way through it. I had an idea that I then told her: “When the pandemic is over and we are free to get back to our senior community’s programming, let’s have a talent show and you and I can do a duet. Our voices blend so beautifully!” Gina agreed.

So that is how the message on the poster affected me today, all the way up to the very last line. I will affirm its statement as I end this day’s writing: “I am glad I’m alive and I won’t give up!”

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  1. Ellin, your message to all of us is so uplifting! You are very beautiful…inside and out, and you share that essence with everyone who is privileged to know you. You matter tremendously!

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