A Writer’s Book of Days “encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual as well as the creative aspects of writing.” Since the pandemic began, Ellin has been using the daily prompts to stimulate her writing. The prompt, “We can have faith in_________,” triggered a very timely reflection on our current world situation.

How many Trump advisers have been criminally charged? Manafort, Stone and Steve Bannon makes 7—USA Today

White House Stokes Hopes That Key Hospital Data Tracking Will Soon Return To CDC—NPR

California fires turn deadly as evacuees worry about their homes, Covid-19, and excessive heat—CNN

August 20, 2020

We can have faith in. . .
by Ellin Snow, Lynnwood, Washington

I feel quite certain that, since Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president, we can have faith that he will do his absolute best to find and appoint the people who can deal with undoing the harmful steps Trump has taken to damage our country. The changes that will need to be made are both in dealing within the US and between our land and other countries. In less than four years, relationships that had been positive for so many decades have been twisted, ruined and destroyed by this very ignorant and self-centered man, Donald Trump!

Joseph Biden, on the other hand, is a caring, empathic, constructive leader who knows what he is doing. He has worked for eight years in the White House along with another fine leader, Barack Obama, and knows what it is like to stand for good values and to take right action whenever possible. This will not be easy, since the norms Trump has repeatedly gone against—in addition to the terribly destructive Covid-19 pandemic Trump did not manage at all—have taken a gigantic toll on our country and on the world. 

I am hoping and counting on the belief that Biden has already been lining up leaders who will help him in this gigantic task of governmental renewal. I pray he will be elected, that the election moves as smoothly as possible, and that Trump does not keep his threats of not giving up his office peacefully. May all go well, and may God bless Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, and all of us!


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