It was very important to me when the piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago, right before the world changed again, received so many thoughtful and supportive comments. Today, as I shared in the communal experience of grieving and honoring George Floyd, my deep awareness of the importance community has in our lives made me realize how much I would like the other writers, who are putting themselves out there on this blog, to receive similar acknowledgment of their work.

Houston mayor announces ban on chokeholds by police during George Floyd funeral service—The Hill

Georgia officials call for investigations into primary day voting issues—CNN

Fauci: COVID-19 pandemic was his ‘worst nightmare’ and is not yet over—UPI

June 9, 2020

An invitation
from Ruth Neuwald Falcon

So I invite you to Like and Comment, every day if you feel so moved, and not just the posts going forward, but to go back to those that particularly moved or touched you, It’s never too late to let someone know that their words meant something to a reader.

Because of how the technology is set up, some people are getting the blog delivered in their email; others are getting to it via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. I would appreciate it if you would go to the site and like and comment there (or here, as the case may be). It’s like the central square where we can congregate.

And if there are others who would like to join the conversation as creators of posts, please send me your submissions or questions via email. During this time of two pandemics, when there’s so much heartbreak, chaos and hope, feel free to write about whatever feels important to you.

Let’s take the next step and deepen the engagement between readers and writers.


  1. Thank you again, Ruth, for putting this blog together and for encouraging each of us to let the contributors know our reactions to what they have written. It is my pleasure to do so.

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