Lora-Ellen is a pediatric psychologist with a specialty in treating underserved populations. Her commitment to social justice is lived every day through a wide variety of endeavors. I am grateful to her for giving me permission to reprint her words that I initially read on her Facebook page.

George Floyd mourned and eulogized in Minneapolis; ‘Get your knee off our necks!’ says Rev. Al Sharpton—MarketWatch

Trump vows to campaign against Murkowski after she backs Mattis—Politico

June 4, 2020

It’s not TV
by Lora-Ellen McKinney, Seattle, Washington

“I am your President of law and order
And an ally of all peaceful protestors”
Were the words of Donald Trump
As the military shot rubber bullets
Into a peaceful crowd gathered in
Lafayette Park to honor a life

Now violently cleared by bullets and beasts
The 45th man to hold the title of President
Walked to the church where presidents had worshipped
But this man is not a believer
He is a reality show conceiver
Who could not further sin by claiming God’s book
Held awkwardly aloft
As his own while his red tie
Clapped against his protruding belly

There are disruptive forces in the land
To be sure
Agitators taking advantage of the moment
A reminder is that the moment began with
A knee that murdered George Floyd
Homicide by asphyxia
A refusal to immediately arrest an officer who murdered a man whose crime was penny-ante
A kind man out of work
Arrested by the virus of racism
Stronger in this moment than

The most prominent agitator?
A blaspheming racist whose house is a metaphor for his skin and policies
Who began his tenure in 2016
With statements to his staff to
Find an enemy to fight every day
And to treat every day like it’s
Reality TV

It’s not TV
It’s us
It’s US
George Floyd’s younger brother, Terrance, prayed the remedy
Powerful and poignant
A necessary leader
Asking that people use the power of their anger to


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