At the end of a weekend over which crowds thronged beaches and restaurants, and a day when the president mocked a reporter’s mask-wearing as being “politically correct,” I welcome Sue’s rant. I’m impressed with her ability to be so angry and so articulate at the same time.

Supreme Court refuses to block lower court order demanding action against coronavirus at Ohio prison—USA Today

Michigan lieutenant governor: Trump preparing to question legitimacy of results if he loses election—Salon

May 26, 2020

A bit of a rant
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, California

One thinks of a great leader as one who can step into many roles with grace and dignity. A diplomat who can defuse an enemy or coordinate with and support friends. A role model whose own actions set a healthy example for right action by condemning violence, antisemitism and racism, or wearing a mask. A Grief Counselor who can console an entire country with his words and actions at a time of crisis; think the Great Depression, wars, 9/11 or the pandemic. A cheerleader to lift the spirits when the country is reeling from a hurricane, earthquake or illness and all seems lost. Perhaps a preacher to teach about right and wrong.

We have had presidents here in the USA who have managed to play most, if not all of those roles, with grace, courage and compassion. Yes, some better than others, but all deserve a “well done” at the end of the day having brought our country through to the other side. I might not have said that last sentence four years ago, but in light of our current president I can say that wholeheartedly today. Even the poorest of our past leaders looks like a mensch in contrast to Trump.

Trump is a rather different type of President and the performances he has given haven’t risen even to B-movie status. He has been the acrobat-in-chief giving the bird to friends and foe while patting himself on the back, all while keeping his head up where the sun does not shine. He has surpassed Pinocchio in his many lies, and if his nose grew at the same rate that Pinocchio’s did, it would reach from the White House clear across the country. He gives support to people who carry AK47s along with their signs that spout hate, racism and violence. He does it, sometimes tacitly and sometimes more overtly, by saying that they are “good people.” He is the epitome of a bad actor. He hogs the camera with his narcissist proclamations and his undisguised self-promotion. He requires a cue card or teleprompter to present a complete thought, but he is not even able to read with the appropriate inflections to sound anything except wooden. When he speaks without a script he rambles, filling the air with adjectives and chopped up sentences and, worst of all, uses the same words ad nauseum to tell the world how great he is or how great what he has done is or how great he will make the country or how we should all be more grateful for all the great things he has done. His English teachers must be rolling over in their graves. With our lives at stake from a worldwide pandemic, he flaunts conspiracy theories, refuses to wear a mask or even promote others to wear one, nor does he choose to social distance.

November 2016 flooded me with tears, anger and fear. To be honest, mostly fear. The tears stopped after a while and the anger turned to numbness, but the fear remains and grows with each passing day. I wonder if this country will be able to survive this onslaught of hateful speech, the corrupt actions of the current government and the divisiveness that has overtaken our country. Now, during this pandemic, where dynamic leadership is of the essence, not only does the country’s continuation depend on it, but our lives are also at risk. His followers now openly refuse to wear masks or to social distance, and demand with guns and hateful rhetoric to open the country.

It is wrong for me to hope they get their comeuppance, but at least every now and again I think for just a second, Wouldn’t it make the world a better place to have some of these gun-toting idiots with signs to hang Fauci (because he won’t kiss the ass of the president) disappear? I pray for my conscience to stay true to right action and to not become what I abhor.  


  1. Well said Sue. My sentiments exactly. I have escalated to places I never thought I would or could. I too am fearful. Our Country is in serious trouble.

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  2. This is a marvelous, well written rant and Sue absolutely hits all the outrageous behaviors and lack of behaviors by our so-called President! Thank you Sue for expressing all you did, and thank you Ruth, for sharing it with us!

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