One of the things that I hoped for when I started this blog is that there would be at least a few folks who would post regularly so we could get to know them and journey together. I am gratified by Andy’s (aka Little A) sharing her mom with us. Happy birthday, Big A!

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May 21, 2020

Mom’s 91st birthday
by Andy P, Seattle, Washington

For those of you following along from home, I offer another episode in the story of my elderly mother.  As both our names begin with A, she is affectionately known in family circles as the Big A and I am known as the Little A. While I referred to her previously as 91, her 91st birthday was actually yesterday. I knew the isolation was getting harder and harder on her. My siblings and I colluded once again. What do you get for someone who is way beyond the acquisitive stage of life?

We opted for something that would give her immediate enjoyment. Adding insult to injury, the food where she lives is pretty bad. So, I planned to get Indian food takeout for a special birthday dinner. First, I drove across the bridge from Seattle to Bellevue at around 4 and picked up a small birthday cake. Then, so she’d have it before the facility brought her dinner, I called to order food from a nearby restaurant. But when I called the restaurant, they weren’t opening for another hour and a half. Ugh, now what do I do?! I shared my distress and my story with the restaurateur. He said he would call the chef and see if the guy would come in early!

What an incredible experience of people going out of their way for strangers during this difficult time. Here is a restaurant that is suffering from lack of business and they put themselves out for ONE customer. In case you are wondering who would do such a thing, it was Chutneys in Bellevue. And if that wasn’t enough, they gave me a container of rice pudding they said was for me! Of course, then I had to regale them with my knowledge of Punjabi and greeted them in their own language. Now I have new best friends.

We aren’t done feting our mother. On Saturday, I’m going to bring my mom another one of her favorite foods—a Rueben sandwich. Oh, and I think there needs to be cheesecake. Since her birthday has passed, she won’t be expecting anything. I love the element of surprise.

Photo by Andy P

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  1. Andy, it is heartwarming to see how much you and your siblings love your mom. In the midst of all this, you are creatively showing up and celebrating with her.

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