Every morning, Governor Cuomo concludes his remarks with some version of: “We are New York tough, we are smart, we are united, disciplined, and we are loving.” Mother’s Day morning, he took the opportunity to talk about love; a rare thing, as he says, for a politician to do.

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May 10, 2020

Sunday with Governor Cuomo: On love and Mother’s Day

Every time I say we are loving, I think people must think that is such a strange word for a government official to be talking about. You never hear government talking about loving. You never gonna hear a lot of people talk about loving, or love. But at this time, where we are all going through so much pain, and so much stress and so much anxiety, and we’re at a place where we’ve never been before, it’s probably the one thing we need more than anything else.

And it’s not easy to talk about love. That’s why I put it with New York tough. I need love. Show that vulnerability. It’s hard to do that. That’s why in some ways you have to be tough, to be able to talk about love. But we all need it now because this is hard on everyone. It is hard. I don’t care who you are–you can be governor of this state, a health care worker, public employee, a daughter of the governor, a son–it is hard on everyone. And love is the one thing that can make everything better, and the one thing we need.

Today is not really just Day 71, today is Mother’s Day, and that dwarfs all else. It’s Mother’s Day.  

So today, more than anything else, mothers are special. They’re special every day, but how about going through this? You have mothers in nursing homes, families can’t get to see them. Mothers have been doing double duty stuck at home, dealing with all that stress, all that situation. Mothers who have lost mothers, mothers who we have lost during this hellacious period where so many people have lost their parents.

So, today is Mother’s Day, first and foremost, and today is about love, and showing love, and expressing it in appreciation for our mothers.

And my mother, who I cannot see today—blame Dr. Zucker, the health commissioner (who) says it would be risky for me to see my mother. But I get to say, Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, with my daughters, they’re all here through one means or the other, Zoom this, Zoom that.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom! I miss you. I love you so, so much. I wish I could be with you, but I can’t be, because I love you.

This is going to be over and then we’re going to have fun and then you can spend more time with me. I know I am your favorite. We’ll get to spend time together and we’ll look back at this and say that we’re the better for it. Right?

Matilda Cuomo: That’s right. Time for everything, Andrew.


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