A sobering reminder
by Marcie Howard, Ladera Ranch, CA

This last October, I had a big wake-up call. I couldn’t breathe and was having severe pain across my back and jaw. I walked around like this for almost 8 weeks, until a good cardiologist and a nuclear stress test proved that I had two blocked arteries.  I had an angiogram and an angioplasty—one after the other. I now have two stents in one of my arteries and the middle one is closed forever. We hope it will reach out to the two functioning arteries for air and support. 

I am a 71-year-old single woman, who is strong and very energetic. Since I feel 40, look 50 to 60 and have refused to own 70ish, this was certainly a sobering reminder of being in my 70’s!

And now, I am told I am in a “high risk” group for COVID-19 and I need to stay at home. There are times when I listen to the news and become very fearful and stressed. And then, there are times when I refer to my inward self—that consciousness that I have come to know and appreciate. And that mindset offers me peace.  

The demon here is the fear and not the virus. Our immune system weakens in times of stress and fear. I know that I must focus on how many have survived and not how many have died. The number of survivors is much greater. 

Though we are being told to isolate, we can still be close in our hearts and think of each other and help in ways we’ve not yet imagined. Call now upon more love, more compassion and caring — we cannot afford to lose these human characteristics. Be kind to one another! I wish you good health, peace and love.

Il Medico
by Sue Robin, Los Angeles, CA

A horrific virus is circling the globe
And we are halfway round the world
Planes, trains crowds and now my honey is ill
He coughs, sleeps and repeats

Today “il medico” made a hotel call
Diagnosed bronchitis, prescribed antibiotics, steroids and time
The tours are cancelled, hotels and trains, too
Flights altered without too much pain

We will keep Florence on our bucket list for now
And on Wednesday we will be back in our little aerie
Honored with grandkids’ hugs
And beyond grateful that the virus did not find us

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