We are all pieces of the same puzzle

So, how are we going to do this? On our own? Yes. To some extent, we are all, whatever our age, becoming more physically isolated by the day. Access to our regular communities—professional or spiritual, fitness or academic, entertainment or social—all the outlets most of us have taken for granted all our lives, is getting more and more restricted, a scenario we thought (or hoped) relegated to dystopian science fiction.

But we don’t have to feel so alone. It is my hope that this space can help us feel less isolated. I offer it as a virtual location where we can meet to share experiences, fears, observations, thoughts, articles, information… whatever.

Send me an email. I might do some light editing (that is what I do, after all) and will post the ones that feel like a fit. Please include your name (let me know if you’d prefer just using initials or first name) and city or county.

Let’s get through this together.

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