I love to collaborate. It brings out the best in me and the best in those I work with.

Is there a project that you’ve put on hold because you don’t know how to organize your material? Or does the thought of doing it alone just make you feel tired? Do you have a non-fiction book or essay—a memoir, family stories or letters—hidden in a drawer or closet, virtual or actual? Maybe it’s locked in your head, waiting for your voice to find itself.

Or perhaps you’re working on a website, personally or professionally, and it could use some coaxing and clarifying. Or a documentary film, whose structure isn’t quite right.

My work is helping people realize their dreams and goals. E-mail me to set up a free initial phone conversation in which we can begin to explore the possibilities together. Pricing determined by project elements and duration.

Ruth Neuwald Falcon is a superb editor with an eye for the truth.

Jeannette Franks, PhD, gerontologist & author,
Intentional Aging