Governor Cuomo took his daughter Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo’s suggestion and asked New Yorkers to help communicate why it is so important to wear a mask (his daughters said he wasn’t doing a very good job at it). Over the past two weeks, they received more than 600 submissions as part of the “Wear a Mask New York Ad Contest.” The five finalists are below. While most of us can’t vote (I’d make a crack about voter fraud but it isn’t funny these days) because we’re living in other states (or even countries), the experience is common and the fundamental message is for everyone. I hope we all want to do the right thing, even if we’re not New Yorkers.

Donald Trump orders governors to allow places of worship to reopen—The Guardian

As Ron DeSantis hypes low numbers, Florida may be undercounting coronavirus deaths by up to 58%—Salon

May 22, 2020

Wear a mask NY ad contest

And here are the honorable mentions, which are very much worth mentioning indeed.


  1. Love what New York is doing. We need this here. Very few people are wearing masks. In my apartment building, there are large signs asking residents to wear masks. Very few do. We need to be “NY savvy.”

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  2. I voted! (and not more than once). Most people are wearing masks if they can’t maintain a 6 foot distance from others, except for young, sweaty, heavy breathing male runners who I guess think they’re invulnerable and don’t care about others.

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